“We were the very first to deploy inOvation TV. It’s integrated right into our Ovation dispensers, and really helps drive loyalty and sales. We’ve added the inOvationTV program to an additional seven of our sites this month alone.”

Adam Wolf
Vice President
Bill Wolf Petroleum
Jericho, NY

“We have leveraged our participation to communicate with our customers on a number of different levels. From messaging behind our Bolla Market brand and our deli offerings, energy drinks, fountain drinks, car washes, even the launch of our Facebook page. And we’re able to tailor our messaging to each individual site. The program is a critical link between our c-store business and our fueling business.”

Harry Singh
CEO and Chairman
Bolla Oil
New York, NY

“The program includes customized retail promotional ads that are specific to each of our locations. We’ve used them to promote car washes, Hershey products and even to direct breakfast traffic into our Huddle House restaurant. They’ve really helped increase sales for us.”

John Cook
Director of Wholesale Operations
George H. Green Oil, Inc.
Fairburn, GA

“My family has been in the business for 70 years, and no one has been able to crack the forecourt TV code until now. They’ve nailed it.”

John Strickland
Vice President
Wayne Oil Company Inc.
Goldsboro, NC

“I have the largest AMPM in the U.S. The program at our stations has been great. They’ve built a lot of custom TV promotions for me to advertise products and bring fuel customers into the store.”

Ali Mazarei
Chief Operating Officer
AMPM TraveZone
Riverside, CA

“The program really drives results. We saw a 25% increase in our QSR sales, 50% increase in energy drink sales and a 60% increase in our breakfast sandwich sales.”

Bill Shaver
Executive Vice President
ATLAS Oil Company
Taylor MI